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Taken from the Moda black site:

REbEL is a name that first came to our attention through our ties with the crew behind Leicester’s notorious Sonido parties. A sonically articulate new breed of producer, who’s happiest when doing the opposite of what all other producers are doing. His musical DNA shows traces of minimal techno, french filters, progressive house and most everything in-between – this dynamic nature being the reason we asked him to be part of the new Futurists release on Moda Black. The resulting track was a swaggering funked-out booty bomb named ‘Itchy Fingaz’, a collaboration with his Tough Luck Records partner Twon.

Mar 25 2014

TLR003 Coming Soon


Blackhall & Bookless – Therapy EP featuring remixes from Ed Davenport and The Jaydes, due for release early may. World exclusive first review on Ibiza voice. You can hear the full EP there too.



Dec 20 2013

Out Now – TLR 002

Jul 22 2013

TLR001 in Mixmag

6cbe23_be12c9e72994ba4ecfddbc0af5d85613If you pick up a copy of the latest Mixmag you will notice History has made it into the Techno review section as Tune of the month for August! We are absolutely over the moon with the response, it’s an amazing feeling! The vinyl is available in various record shops and the release will be going digital on the 5th August.

Thanks to everyone supporting the label so far!