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Tough Luck Record’s rebelious leader (REbEL) has mixed episode 66 of the soundspace podcast. Featuring some fresh tracks from the label as well as a whole host of classic and upfront techno records.

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TLR005 – Jack Wickham returns to Tough Luck Records with his EP “Into Adeja”. The release features remixes from label boss Jonny Lawrence, Nikola Gala and Cassé. Pressed on a limited run of Blue vinyl with in-house artwork the record is out now with the digital version to follow in September.

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Into Adeja - jonny lawrence artwork


Elliot Adamson - Dirty art


Tough Luck Records welcomes Elliot Adamson to the roster with 4 irrepressible and tripped out Techno cuts, Dirty Art by name and nature.

Young up and comer, Elliot has already been turning heads with his high quality productions and dance floor nous. He has created an EP in Dirty Art which tells a twisted tale from beginning to end, showing off his ability to make music that really grips you as well as work in the club.

Features Opens the EP with its minimalist intro, strings and popping, woody percussion bounce and play with each other until a warehouse filling, stomping kick drops and the tune never slows down. Heart strings will be tugged on…

Deprived Is churning, fiercely atmospheric and rasping with eery vocal loops. Echoing rim shots and fizzing tops provide contrast to the dubbed out vibe, the tension hints at whats to come from the rest of the EP.

Heb 12 Brings back the warehouse vibe, tough and raw, industrial but emotive its strings pull you in one direction before it smacks you in the face with its rolling sub line. Dance floors will surely rock to this.

Starlight closes the ep with a dose of melancholia, distant piano riffs play with whispers and drones. The spiralling effects and pad elements are introduced progressively. A tune that serves a fitting outro to the EP.

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Tough Luck Records third release, Blackhall & Bookless – Therapy is out now on vinyl, with remixes from Ed Davenport and The Jaydes.


We’re just under a month away from our third release, Blackhall & Bookless’s “Therapy” EP. 2 solid originals and 2 great remixes from Ed Davenport and The Jaydes.

Supported by tINI, DJ Rolando, Mosca, Josh Wink, Mr G, Santé, Sidney Charles, wAFF, Adam Shelton,, Mixmag, DJ Mag, KiKi, Heron, ERIC VOLTA,Trickski, Iron Curtis, Piemont, Ray Okpara, varoslav, Mark-Henning, Cormac, Andrew Grant – Fan Page, RA Resident Advisor, Reboot

Release date: 26th May 2014